On-site training


Would you like a Luthando Skills training course delivered at a time or location to suit you?

Would you like Luthando Skills to tailor a course from our comprehensive library of programmes ?

Would you like us to create an entirely new, bespoke course to suit the exact needs of your Business?

Working in partnership with our clients, Luthando Skills provides an enjoyable, creative learning experience that enables participants to develop their skills and knowledge. We can deliver not only generic, off-the-shelf courses from our extensive learning portfolio, but we can provide tailored as well as bespoke learning on any aspect of skill development or knowledge. Our On-site courses are conducted by the same expert trainers who conduct Luthando Skills public courses so you can be assured they will fulfill the learning objective of any organisation.

Our On-site Training Courses are 100% customized and developed with your organisational objectives as its core guideline. It is a complete learning solution delivered at your location, at your preferred time. Luthando Skills On-site Training Courses are the most cost-effective and efficient way to train your team.

Our success in delivering On-site Training Courses is attributed to our ability to work closely with organisations. We excel in understanding your goals and specific requirement then we plan and formulate a training solution that meets the objectives.

On-site Training Courses can be built around our standard courses or be completely bespoke to suit your specific learning objectives. Our team of experienced consultants can develop entirely new training courses that will meet your training needs.

Why Choose an On-site Training?

Cost Effective, no travel, lodging, and location expenses

100% Customised, tailored to fit your learning objectives

Team Building, synergistic effect of being trained together

Convenient, suit your schedule and plan it ahead